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How Title IX Hurts U.S. Men’s Volleyball

Please read this Chicago Tribune article by Bill Shaikin, U.S. Volleyball: Shrinking College Pool Bodes Ill for Men’s Team. He interviewed Reid Priddy who was a senior playing on Loyola Maramount’s men’s volleyball team when it was cut. Here’s an excerpt:

“Every Pac-12 school offers women’s volleyball, but only three — USC, UCLA and Stanford — offer men’s volleyball. According to the NCAA website, 321 schools competed in Division I women’s volleyball last season, with 30 competing in Division I men’s volleyball.”

The consequences of Title IX regulations (the quota system) are not limited to volleyball, but affect all men’s collegiate athletic programs. Take men’s gymnastics. In 1969, there were over 230 collegiate programs in the United States. Today, just 17 men’s varsity programs remain and only two schools exist west of the Rockies — Stanford and UC Berkeley.

UCLA abandoned their men’s gymnastics team 10 years after it had produced half of the United States team that won the gold medal in the 1984 Olympics. They also cut their men’s swimming and diving teams in 1994 after producing 16 Olympic Gold Medalists, 41 individual national titles, and a team title in 1982.


Take ‘The Journey’ with Mizuno® Volleyball

We want to support volleyball, which has been sorely affected by Title IX regulations (the quota system), and encourage you to participate in “The Journey” by Mizuno. Mizuno USA contacted us and is asking young volleyball players across the country to showcase their personal journeys in the sport. Here’s how…

HOW TO: As we approach the London Olympic Summer Games, Mizuno would like you to elaborate on how competitive volleyball has affected your life and made you a better, stronger individual. Submit video diaries, photographs and essays.

JUDGING:  Video submissions will be evaluated by a panel of judges, and winners will be selected on a monthly basis to win prizes.

PRIZES: Prizes include Mizuno volleyball footwear, apparel and accessories. The grand prize winner – and the winner’s team – of ‘The Journey’ will receive a volleyball clinic given in their hometown, conducted by a USA Volleyball team member. For details, go to:

Mizuno Volleyball

Has Title IX Led to Unfair Treatment of Men’s Sports? Yes!

Karen Owoc spoke out on Title IX. The column appeared in the March 2011 issue of the Congressional Quarterly Researcher. USA Wrestling posted a copy of Karen’s commentary here.

USA Volleyball Offers $6K Award to NCAA Schools

USA Volleyball Boosts Club Teams to Varsity

USA Volleyball Boosts Club Teams to Varsity

USA Volleyball has the right idea. To cope with Title IX consequences, the National Governing Body for volleyball developed a grant program.   The $6000 grant is awarded to NCAA institutions that sponsor a men’s volleyball program. The objective:

1.  To increase opportunities for men to play varsity collegiate volleyball.

2.  To grow the sport at the collegiate level.

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