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How Title IX Hurts U.S. Men’s Volleyball

Please read this Chicago Tribune article by Bill Shaikin, U.S. Volleyball: Shrinking College Pool Bodes Ill for Men’s Team. He interviewed Reid Priddy who was a senior playing on Loyola Maramount’s men’s volleyball team when it was cut. Here’s an excerpt:

“Every Pac-12 school offers women’s volleyball, but only three — USC, UCLA and Stanford — offer men’s volleyball. According to the NCAA website, 321 schools competed in Division I women’s volleyball last season, with 30 competing in Division I men’s volleyball.”

The consequences of Title IX regulations (the quota system) are not limited to volleyball, but affect all men’s collegiate athletic programs. Take men’s gymnastics. In 1969, there were over 230 collegiate programs in the United States. Today, just 17 men’s varsity programs remain and only two schools exist west of the Rockies — Stanford and UC Berkeley.

UCLA abandoned their men’s gymnastics team 10 years after it had produced half of the United States team that won the gold medal in the 1984 Olympics. They also cut their men’s swimming and diving teams in 1994 after producing 16 Olympic Gold Medalists, 41 individual national titles, and a team title in 1982.


Department of Education Rolls Back Use of Model Surveys

The news is official, the Department of Education is going to reverse the 2005 guidance.

In March 2005, the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) of the U. S. Department of Education issued the Additional Clarification of the Intercollegiate Athletics Policy. The “Clarification” allows colleges to use student interest web-based surveys that follow specific technical guidelines outlined by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) to assess students’ athletic interests as a means to demonstrate Title IX compliance with Prong 3 (meeting athletic interests and abilities).  According to the OCR, there is no fairer way to measure interest than to ask directly. To provide technical assistance in implementing a viable interest evaluation that is acceptable, the NCES prepared the “Model Survey” and User’s Guide to Developing Student Interest Surveys.

Schools using the surveys incorporate them into college registration forms.  The surveys are not “spam emails” sent out to female students as have been characterized.

For more details, go to the College Sports Council blog.

UCLA Builds $10M Aquatic Center But No Men’s Swim & Dive Teams

UCLA breaks ground for $10M aquatic center

UCLA breaks ground for $10M aquatic center

Now here’s one that’s hard to swallow. The UCLA Athletic Department began construction on their $10 million aquatic center on June 30.  And who benefits?  According to UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero, providing “more aquatic opportunities for our teams, clubs, faculty, staff and students is going to be a win-win situation for everyone.”  Everyone except for men’s swimming and diving.

UCLA eliminated men’s swimming and diving teams in 1994.  Continue reading

ASU Swimming Reinstated Due to Hundreds of Donors

ASU Men's Swimming back in action for 2008-09

ASU Men's Swimming back in action for 2008-09

Having raised enough money to reinstate men’s wrestling in just 10 days and now men’s swimming, ASU’s verve and donor support system is pretty impressive. Effective immediately, Arizona State University swimming has been reinstated.  According to Simon Percy, ASU men’s assistant swimming coach who led the aggressive fundraising effort, they raised $330,000 in cash.  Another $670,000 has been pledged whereby the $1 million raised would cover the program’s operating budget for four years.  Percy said donations came from “literally hundreds of donors”.

Lisa Love, ASU Vice President for Athletics, said fundraising for the program will be an ongoing process.  To fully endow men’s swimming, $5 million must be raised.  Go Sun Devils!

NCAA President Favors a Strong Title IX

NCAA President says reject surveys

NCAA President says reject surveys

The NCAA Executive Committee is flexing its political muscle.  Immediately after the “2005 Additional Clarification of the Intercollegiate Athletics Policy” was issued by the Office of Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education, NCAA President Myles Brand told NCAA members to reject it.  That is, don’t use Prong 3 of the Title IX’s Three-Prong Test.  The Clarification allows the use of student interest surveys to assess the interests and abilities of an institution’s student population.

Brand said, “In my experience, college and university presidents and chancellors almost uniformly favor a strong Title IX.  I believe this latest clarification weakens Title IX.”  He continued, “The new guidelines will likely stymie the growth of women’s athletics and could reverse the progress made over the last three decades.” Continue reading

Boosters Save ASU Men’s Wrestling

Local civic leaders save ASU wrestling

Local civic leaders save ASU wrestling

Arizona State University men’s wrestling boosters bounce back. Here’s a great example of an impassioned community that stepped up and made a difference. Ten days after ASU cut men’s swimming, tennis and wrestling to save $1.1 million annually, men’s wrestling was saved with promises of an $8 million endowment. Way to go!

USA Volleyball Offers $6K Award to NCAA Schools

USA Volleyball Boosts Club Teams to Varsity

USA Volleyball Boosts Club Teams to Varsity

USA Volleyball has the right idea. To cope with Title IX consequences, the National Governing Body for volleyball developed a grant program.   The $6000 grant is awarded to NCAA institutions that sponsor a men’s volleyball program. The objective:

1.  To increase opportunities for men to play varsity collegiate volleyball.

2.  To grow the sport at the collegiate level.

Continue reading