Fairness in Sports Foundation

For Equal Athletic Opportunity – The Foundation is a pro-Title IX organization whose objective is to restore the original intent of Title IX; that is, to protect against discrimination and create gender equitable schools that could not discriminate between men and women.  Title IX was NOT intended to promote athletics on college campuses.

The Fairness in Sports Foundation is working towards stopping further erosion of collegiate athletic programs through efforts to clarify the language used in Prong 1 of the Three-Prong Test in order to banish discrimination through elimination of the rigid affirmative action quota system.  The 1979 Intercollegiate Athletics Policy Interpretation of Title IX was designed to accommodate the athletic interests of their current student body. Limiting compliance to inflexible affirmative action quotas and not through an exact and accurate measurement of interests and abilitiesdenies athletic opportunity to interested athletes and is in direct contradiction with Title IX compliance requirements.


MOMSS are a national alliance. We are:

  • Title IX advocates who want to save Title IX and restore it’s original intent. Congress had two objectives when it passed this Federal Law:
  1. To avoid the use of federal resources to support discriminatory practices
  2. To provide individual citizens with effective protection against those practices.
  • Mothers with sons and daughters who want equal opportunities for both sexes to participate in collegiate athletics and benefit from the experience.

Our MOMSS Supporters are dads, sons, coaches, judges, referees, athletes, family and friends.

The rigid affirmative action quota system (Prong 1 of the Three-Prong Test) has become the compliance standard in measuring equality by the federal courts (Cohen v. Brown University), thus, schools feel forced to use quotas out of the fear of discrimination lawsuits and termination of federal funding.  Moreover, the courts have created their own definitions and interpretations of the Title IX language used in the Three-Prong Test and have used Title IX unjustly as a tool to promote the development of new athletic interests in women in order to correct for past discrimination.


Karen Owoc, Executive Director and Co-founder

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