Happy Mother’s Day from MOMSS!

Happy Mother’s Day from MOMSS — Moms On a Mission to Save Sports! On this day as we reflect on and are hailed for our roles as mothers, we dream about what the future holds for our children. We want them to have the opportunity to participate in high school and collegiate athletics and have the same chance to grow, endeavor and prosper as our daughters. But because they’re our sons, they may not.

In 2003, the Pacific Coast Classic men’s gymnastics competition set out on a journey to draw attention to the plight of men’s collegiate gymnastics… and then men’s collegiate athletics as a whole. Title IX was at the core of this mission.

This federal law was enacted to prohibit gender discrimination in sports, but due to the regulations (a quota system) set forth by the Office of Civil Rights, Title IX is being used to cultivate athleticism in women and has strayed from its original intent at the expense of our sons. There is now a wave of activism to enforce quota systems at the high school level.

Please join other MOMSS in support of America’s children here. Happy Mother’s Day!

All the best,
Karen Owoc


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