Memo to the NCAA: Title IX is Obsolete

We received a comment from Lisa Lewis of Barnard College who writes for the Columbia Spectator.   Here’s a link to her article, “Memo to the NCAA: Title IX is Obsolete.”   To this senior in economics, quotas don’t make sense and clearly don’t have a place in intercollegiate athletics.   Take a minute to read her insightful post.  Thanks Lisa!


2 responses to “Memo to the NCAA: Title IX is Obsolete

  1. Great article, but unfortunately Lisa’s professors at Barnard not only think Title IX is still valid, but they believe it has NOT GONE FAR ENOUGH. They want to apply it to math and science as well:

    I wonder how Barnard- an all-women’s college with 16 NCAA Div 1 teams- can be in Title IX compliance?

    • Thank you for sharing. What’s disturbing is that the author, Debra Rolison, refers to Title IX as a “mechanism” that “affects change for women” and as a “strategy”. Title IX is a federal law. One that was enacted to prohibit gender discrimination — discrimination against both women AND men. Title IX was NEVER intended to promote athletics on college campuses, cultivate athleticism in women nor was it intended to be used as an affirmative action tool. And now, the author suggests using Title IX as a “threat”. That is, to use “persuasive coercion” (her own words) in order to engineer and manipulate specific social outcomes in the American culture. How much more can the original intent of Title IX be twisted.

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