Brian Goodell Joins Fairness in Sports Foundation Board

2-time Olympic Gold Medalist Joins Board

2-time Olympic Gold Medalist Joins Board

The Fairness in Sports Foundation is pleased to announce that Brian Goodell, 1976 two-time Olympic Gold Medalist (USA Swimming) and UCLA Hall of Fame member, has joined its Board of Trustees. Brian joins other Olympic champions on the Board who have joined together in an impassioned effort to save men’s collegiate athletics. They include: Peter Vidmar (2x Gold & Silver: 1984 Gymnastics), Tim Daggett (Gold & Bronze:  1984 Gymnastics), Karch Kiraly (Gold:  1984 Indoor Volleyball; Gold:  1988 Indoor Volleyball; Gold: 1996 Beach Volleyball), and Wayne Collett (Silver: 1972 Track and Field). “I think what the organization has done so far is outstanding and I hope I can help expand its reach and influence to accomplish the Foundation’s goals,” said Goodell.

As a member of the UCLA men’s swim team, Goodell has been trying to bring men’s swimming back to UCLA since it was dropped in 1994 – the same year the university eliminated its men’s and women’s gymnastics programs.  The school restored women’s gymnastics a few months later; however, it would not reinstate the men’s programs despite the number of Olympic and NCAA champions they produced.  The Foundation is very fortunate to have such a devoted group of advocates to lead the coalition of coaches, parents, and former athletes in restoring fairness to Title IX.


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